about us

- We're Bri and Taylor - the creators of Palms + Paws Co. -

Established in 2019, Palms + Paws Co. came about on a sunny South Florida day at the dog park. We had seen eachother walking Max and Nova around our apartment complex, but didn't become friends until we started planning playdates at the local park. Max and Nova would play while we would sit on the benches and talk about all the things we had in common ; turns out, we're the same age, super creative, both originally from Pennsylvania and moved down to FL with our boyfriends, and most importantly we both love dogs.

For both of us, Max and Nova are our first pups while living on our own, so to say we spoil them is an understatement. We realized how much we love handmade dog accessories and how fun it is to give our pups a style of their own. Now, our goal is to help you keep your pup looking good all year round in our trendy, comfortable pieces. And we couldn't forget about us dog moms – we decided to create matching scrunchies so you can twin! 

We hope you are just as excited about Palms + Paws as we are. We have put so much time into working on and perfecting our products. Each bandana and collar comes with a unique Palms + Paws tag and is made with only the most durable fabric - hand picked by us in South Florida.

Thank you so much for supporting our small business – we look forward to seeing all your pups in Palms + Paws Co. gear! Tag us on instagram @palmsandpawsco or use the hashtag #palmsandpawsco

xoxo – Bri & Nova and Taylor & Max